17 May 2018

Second meeting of the European project GEO-ENERGY EUROPE

The second meeting of the European project GEO-ENERGÍA EUROPEA, in which GEOPLAT participates, was held in Pécs (Hungary) on May 15 and 16, 2018.

The objective of the meeting was the identification of the best practices developed by each member of the consortium in order to be implemented in the creation of a transnational cluster dedicated to improving the development and competitiveness of small and medium enterprises related to the use of the subsoil to obtain geothermal energy or “geoenergy” in transnational (EU) and global markets.

Updated information on the different activities of each ‘Work Package’ was exchanged at the meeting. In addition, with the aim of developing networking activities, technology transfer and intersectoral skills, a workshop was organized by the Hungarian representative within the consortium, CAPES. This workshop presents the main R & D activities and projects as well as opportunities for international cooperation in the geothermal sector in Hungary. The context of geothermal energy in Hungary (environment, regulations, tenders) and R & D activities related to geothermal and technological challenges was presented. The meeting concluded with a visit to different laboratories doing activities in the geothermal sector (GEOCHEM Ltd., RockStudy Ltd. and Mecsekérc Ltd).