17 Apr 2019

GEO-ENERGY EUROPE starts the preparations for its internationalisation strategy

On 10 April, the consortium’s sixth face-to-face meeting took place as part of the International Workshop on Geothermal Energy organised by IEA – Geothermal (International Energy Association) on 8 and 9 April in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria. During this meeting, the communication and dissemination strategies of the project were discussed, as well as the internationalization strategy. Concerning the communication strategy, the publication of the GEO-ENERGY EUROPE website was announced at the end of May. A metacluster capacity map is embedded, in which the entities that make up the metacluster can be filtered according to their type of structure, their position in the value chain, their type of market in the geothermal field and their belonging to the cluster that forms part of the consortium (POLE AVENIA, GEODEEP, EGEC, GEOPLAT, CAPES, GeoEnergy Celle and GI).

The metacluster is currently working on its internationalisation strategy. The main objective of the project is to create a transnational cluster dedicated to improving the competitiveness of European SMEs, related to the use of subsoil for geothermal energy, in transnational (within the European Union) and international markets. Once the metacluster has been consolidated, efforts are focused on developing a roadmap for opening up the international market to the SMEs.