01 Sep 2020

GEO-ENERGY EUROPE implements its internationalization strategy

GEO-ENERGY EUROPE was born focused on the creation of a transnational cluster dedicated to improving the development and competitiveness of European small and medium enterprises related to the use of the subsoil to obtain geothermal energy in transnational (EU) and global markets. The consortium is composed of 8 members from 7 participating countries of the European Union and the COSME programme (Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises): POLE AVENIA (project coordinator) and GEODEEP in France, EGEC in Belgium, GEOENERGY CELLE in Germany, CAPES in Hungary, JESDER in Turkey, GEOSCIENCE IRELAND in Ireland and GEOPLAT in Spain. This project began in January 2018 and ended in December 2019. However, the partners have been working on a new proposal to participate in a second phase of the project, which has been submitted to a new call of the COSME programme.

Among the achievements obtained during the project, there is the creation of a European metacluster of SMEs working in geothermal energy, with special emphasis on those dedicated to high enthalpy.

In a second phase in 2020, the objective of the GEO-ENERGY EUROPE 2 proposal is to assist the European SME member companies to win business and export to third-country markets. This objective will be accomplished through the provision of the services below by the GEO ENERGY EUROPE meta-cluster to its Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

  • GeoEnergy Cooperation Agreements – The GEO-ENERGY EUROPE metacluster will act as a pathfinder for its members. It will link with business and research intermediaries (including cluster or business network organisations, academia, technology centres and research or economic development organisations) in target countries identified by member SME’s. The rationale for this is to use these contacts to identify third country collaborative partners in the target markets outlined above as well as additional third country markets of opportunity which arise during the duration of the project and beyond. 10 Cooperation agreements will be concluded between the GEO ENERGY EUROPE meta cluster and entities in the target third-country markets. This would include building on the administrative agreement signed between DG Grow and Canada.
  • GeoEnergy Business Agreements – The GEO ENERGY EUROPE metacluster will facilitate collaborative business agreements between its member companies and business (or equivalent) stakeholders in the third country markets. The goal of these agreements will be to increase exports, investment opportunities, employment and the economic performance of the SMEs involved. 10 Business Agreements concluded between the GEO-ENERGY EUROPE metaclusters members and entities in the target third-country markets during the project period. Additional business agreements will be pursued beyond the funding period.
  • GeoEnergy Capacity Building – GEO ENERGY EUROPE 2 will provide advice; training and capacity building supports for its SME member companies. The training and capacity building content will be delivered flexibly, through workshops, online training webinars and site visits. Insights relating to the types of content of interest member companies SMEs have been gained over the first phase of the meta clusters operation. Marketing and branding, market entry strategies and business to business networking both with companies in the meta cluster and those based in third-country markets are areas where GEO-ENERGY EUROPE 2 can provide advice and guidance. Beyond these areas, GEO-ENERGY EUROPE 2 will identify and provide training and capacity building training which supports the cross-sectoral application of the skills of meta-cluster’s member companies in other subsurface industries.
  • GeoEnergy Cross-Sectoral Innovation – Knowledge of the subsurface and its exploitation for energy and natural resources is a key enabler of sustainable development. The member companies of the Geo Energy Europe meta cluster are multidisciplinary and have the requisite skills to diversify their service offer to other sectors that utilise geothermally derived electricity.
  • GeoEnergy Communications – GEO-ENERGY EUROPE will disseminate details of procurement opportunities to its member companies. In addition, it will communicate effectively with key procurers of geothermal and other geo energy-related disciplines to highlight the skills and expertise of its member companies. Crafted internal and externally facing communication deliverables will highlight the opportunities associated with the export of geo energy-related services to emerging and mature geo-energy markets. Monthly bulletins, the display of project case studies on the GEO ENERGY EUROPE website and the publication of articles in relevant industry publications will serve to promote the visibility of the meta-cluster’s member companies. Communications pathways such as those provided by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform will also be capitalised upon to disseminate project activities, workshops and other relevant content.