08 Feb 2021

MUSE project release its results in 9 fact sheets

Catalogue of fact sheets about shallow geothermal energy concepts. GeoERA

In recent years, shallow geothermal energy has become one of the main renewable sources to achieve the decarbonization goals in the European heating and cooling sector for 2050. Thanks to the use of ground-coupled heat pump systems, this type of efficient and clean energy can contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions in cities. This is what MUSE project aims to achieve, in which the Institut Cartogràfic I Geològic de Catalunya (ICGC), a promoter member of Geoplat, collaborates.

The objective of the project is to review and test different technical methodologies for the evaluation of the geothermal resource for both air conditioning and energy storage, and to establish management standards for its use.

Through the website, MUSE project has released a new catalogue of 9 fact sheets on technological concepts of leveraging geothermal exchange. They evaluate and characterize the most relevant operating schemes for urban areas.

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