04 May 2021

PIXIL holds its second workshop about the use of geophysical methods to characterise geothermal anomalies

The European project PIXIL celebrates its second international workshop: ‘From science to praxis – Experiences employing geophysical methods to characterise geothermal anomalies’. The event, which GEOPLAT has organized in cooperation with Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), Universitat de Barcelona, ​​RealTimeSeismic and POLE AVENIA, will take place on May 26 virtually via Zoom from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm.

The aim is to share recent advances in geophysical inversion and modelling, and learn from some practical experiences where geophysical methods were used to characterize geothermal environments. The proper use of these methods represents an asset in the initial stage of any geothermal project since they help reduce exploration costs and provide the necessary information for the designing phase.

The workshop will also serve as a discussion forum. The speakers will comment on the situation and needs of the geothermal sector, as well as the work that research institutions can do to help answer some of the most relevant questions in the industry.

The event, which will be simultaneously translated into English, French and Spanish, will feature the participation of companies and scientists from the sector, including: sophie hautot (Groupe IMAGIR), adele manzella (CNR-IGG), Alexandre Stopin (BRGM), Stijn Bos (HITA), Jean-Claude PUECH (RTS), Stephen Hallinan (CGG); Juan Klimowitz Picola and Enrique Hernández (GESSAL), Leonardo Azevedo (CERENA-Centro de Recursos Naturais e Ambiente, Instituto Superior Técnico), Sean Goodman (Seequent), Pilar Queralt, Gemma Mitjanas Colls, Juanjo Ledo and Laura del Val Alonso (University of Barcelona), and Celestino García-Noceda (Geological and Mining Institute of Spain IGME).

Here you can find the agenda of the workshop.