13 Apr 2023


Including citizens in major energy initiatives is not easy, but the European Union (EU) is committed to this through projects such as CROWDTHERMAL , which seeks to empower the European public to participate directly in the development of geothermal-related projects through alternative financing systems, such as crowdfunding and other social engagement tools. The aim of the project is to generate new services to make it easier for citizens to step forward and carry out geothermal projects; so that we become active players in the energy transition process and become part of the purpose and change.

In GEOPLAT we have been part of Crowdthermal carrying out the study of knowledge and perception of society on geothermal energy through the analysis of case studies in Spain, Hungary and Iceland. An essential aspect, since knowing the perception that different societies have on a particular issue is what determines whether new initiatives go ahead. After analyzing the public acceptance of geothermal energy, it was possible to work on building a positive social approach to encourage the development of investment projects and the desire to get involved in them.

The project has ended with the development, among other initiatives, of an online platform with different services (core services) that make available to communities of citizens, geothermal project developers and local authorities; a set of environmental studies, economic aspects, financial risk mitigation, etc. to encourage the development of geothermal projects. An innovative initiative to stimulate and help society to participate directly in projects of this nature.

In addition, recommendations have also been designed so that national and European authorities, as well as local authorities and project promoters, can help and encourage greater public participation, as well as better synergy with EC policies and strategies. A good harmony between the projects and the Institutions is necessary, as one of the main drivers of Crowdthermal is to support the EU’s strategic goal of reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Likewise, the project wants to help in the creation of a stable energy market and in the reduction of the environmental impact of its energy supply.


All information ➡ https://www.crowdthermalproject.eu/
Core services ➡ https://www.crowdthermalproject.eu/crowdthermal-core-services/
Recommendations for national and European authorities ➡ https://www.crowdthermalproject.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/CROWDTHERMAL_recommendations_policy_v2.pdf
Recommendations for local authorities and project promoters ➡ https://www.crowdthermalproject.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/CROWDTHERMAL_recommendations_authdev_v2.pdf