01 Mar 2024

Geothermal energy will be one of the stars of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Geothermal energy will be very present at the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024, since, as announced by French President Emmanuel Macron, the Olympic Village is committed to energy efficiency thanks to the use of insulating materials and geothermal energy.

It is not only the largest construction site for the Paris Games, but also the largest construction site in Europe in recent years, and it has scrupulously met the deadlines for delivery.

The commitment to geothermal energy in one of the infrastructures that will attract the most attention this year underlines the good momentum of this type of energy and its potential in the construction of new efficient buildings.

The Olympic Village is a 52-hectarecity of the future“, the equivalent of 70 football pitches, located in three municipalities in the north of Paris, in an almost abandoned industrial area where 82 residential buildings, parks, tree-lined avenues and a bridge over the Seine have been built in four years. In addition, a large restaurant, leisure areas, gymnasiums and other common buildings will mark the daily life of the medal candidates.

Designed to accommodate14,500 athletes between 26 July and 11 August and a few fewer para-athletes between 28 August and 8 September, the Village will be transformed into “an ecological city” afterwards, where some 6,000 people will live, with shops, two schools and all kinds of services.