21 Mar 2013

What have we done in GEOPLAT in 2012?

Anuario GEOPLAT 2012

Anuario GEOPLAT 2012

For all of you who wonder what does a “Technology Platform” work in, we are going to show you today all the activities that have been made within GEOPLAT during 2012 to accomplish our goals.

We would like to remember you that GEOPLAT specific objectives are:

  • To provide a framework within which, all sectors involved in the development of geothermal energy, lead by the industry, work together in a coordinated mean to ensure the commercial settlement of this renewable energy and its continuous growth, in a competitive and sustainable form.
  • To analyze the current status of geothermal energy in Spain considering all stages of the value chain, from the different types of resources to its end use, taking into account all the technologies that allow its use.
  • To identify R&D needs and to recommend funding for research in strategic areas throughout the field of geothermal energy, considering all the steps and technologies involved in the process.
  • To identify barriers (regulatory, financial, technological, etc.) that hinder the implementation of geothermal energy, and to set out strategies and sustainable alternatives, in particular technological related, in order to help to reduce its risk and to boost its development.
  • To promote coordination between the different actors of the system science-technology-company involved in the technological chain, and to encourage business participation in the development of action plans on geothermal energy and in particular, in R &D marketing.
  • To participate in international forums and other activities related to this renewable energy.
  • To spread the potential of geothermal energy and in particular the results and recommendations of the Platform in all related sectors.
  • To promote training at all levels related to geothermal energy, to raise awareness and to mobilize society and governments at national, regional and local levels.

We have had a national and international presence in our endeavour to promote geothermal energy as a valuable option for Spain. You can check out in this link where we have directed our efforts to in this past year 2012 , there you will find a very visual and schematic report with actions carried out by GEOPLAT.

We will continue fighting for geothermal energy in 2013. Are you in?