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19 Jul 2018

What have we done in GEOPLAT in 2017?

What have we done in GEOPLAT in 2017?

We have had a national and international presence in our endeavour to promote geothermal energy as a valuable option for Spain. You can check out in our 2017 Yearbook (link) where we have directed our efforts to in this past year 2017 , there you will find a very visual and schematic report with actions carried out by GEOPLAT, thanks to the coordinated effort of the...

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12 May 2016

Yearbook 2015

Anuario GEOPLAT 2015

Like every year, it is a pleasure for us to be able to share the activities which GEOPLAT carried out along the past year 2015 (link). Nowadays, the development of the sector is unequal, as there is some progress in geothermal energy for heating and cooling, but geothermal energy for power production remais static. Having this in mind, from the Platform we try to continue contributing...

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21 May 2015

GEOPLAT, six years boosting the Spanish geothermal sector

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GEOPLAT gathers in a yearbook its most remarkable actuations from 2014 GEOPLAT, the Spanish Geothermal Technology Platform, was founded in 2009 by all the stakeholders of the geothermal energy sector in Spain. Since then, the more than 200 entities which form GEOPLAT, most of them SMEs, have worked together in the elaboration of position docuemnts that point out the key milestones and the strategic actions...

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01 Apr 2014

What have we done in GEOPLAT in 2013?

2013 GEOPLAT Yearbook

GEOPLAT is proud to share with you our 2013 Yearbook (link). In this document you will find a sample of the main activities and some results achieved last year, thanks to the coordinated effort of the GEOPLAT members and Platform team. In our endeavor to promote geothermal energy as a valuable energy option for Spain. We will continue promoting the geothermal energy in 2014. Are you in?

21 Mar 2013

What have we done in GEOPLAT in 2012?

Anuario GEOPLAT 2012

For all of you who wonder what does a “Technology Platform” work in, we are going to show you today all the activities that have been made within GEOPLAT during 2012 to accomplish our goals. We would like to remember you that GEOPLAT specific objectives are: To provide a framework within which, all sectors involved in the development of geothermal energy, lead by the industry,...

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