21 May 2015

GEOPLAT, six years boosting the Spanish geothermal sector

GEOPLAT gathers in a yearbook its most remarkable actuations from 2014

GEOPLAT, the Spanish Geothermal Technology Platform, was founded in 2009 by all the stakeholders of the geothermal energy sector in Spain. Since then, the more than 200 entities which form GEOPLAT, most of them SMEs, have worked together in the elaboration of position docuemnts that point out the key milestones and the strategic actions to reach them.

Click on the image to see the full yearbook!

Click on the image to see the full yearbook!

Moreover, GEOPLAT works intensely spreading the benefits of geothermal energy, still unknown to much of the Spanish society. Benefits such as its renewable and indigenous nature, high efficiecy, capable of operating 24 hours 365 days a year, both in air conditioning and electricity at a competitive price, are collected in a video made by GEOPLAT, which has already been reproduced thousands of times.

At national level, GEOPLAT has focused on close collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development in determining strategic lines for the progress of Spanish geothermal sector. In addition, it has worked with other related sectors through technological platforms that form the Interplatsforms Group of Smart Cities, created in order to design the roadmap for implementing this type of sustainable cities in Spain, in which geothermal fits perfectly.

At international level, GEOPLAT maintains a leading role GEOPLAT presiding the Geothermal Panel of the European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-Platform), where stakeholders from all Member States boost solar, geothermal, biomass and to produce energy in the form heating and cooling as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels.

GEOPLAT is also the entity in charge of the instrumentalization of official geothermal training in Spain, which aim is the certification of a training with European recognition, in order to promote safe, secure and sustainable development of the Spanish geothermal sector. In 2014 the first course of formal training in Design of Geothermal Exchange Systems was made, in collaboration with the International Association of Geo-Education for a Sustainable Geothermal Heating and Cooling Market (GEOTRAINET), which had a great acceptance by the industry. Each year it will be held again, in line with the pursuit of excellence of geothermal energy in Spain, driving force behind all actions of GEOPLAT.

To review all of our activities in 2014, do not miss our full yearbook 2014 here.