26 Sep 2017

Three factsheets relevant for the geothermal sector: applications in the cooling sector, agricultural and EGS

CoolingEU Sector Profiles: Geothermal Sector: Geothermal technologies can contribute to the challenge of decarbonising cooling for a variety of demand profiles, in terms of temperature, capacity, and timing. They can be used in buildings for the residential and non-residential sector, as well as in the services and industrial sector.

Geothermal use in agriculture: The agricultural sector is a heavy energy consumer and greenhouse gas emitter which needs to be more sustainable, competitive, and to ensure food security.  Much of the energy used by the industry is for low and medium level heat (less than 200°C), which is required at many stages of both production and treatment. Traditionally fossil fuels have been used, but fluctuating energy prices also expose the agri-food industry to risk. Geothermal is a solution for this fuel switch.

Fact Sheet on Enhanced Geothermal Systems: This fact sheet presents the stimulation process to engineer geothermal reservoir (often mistaken for fracking as used in shale gas production).The document presents the key differences between the resources needed, and the different consequences of the processes used for Enhanced Geothermal Systems and for shale gas.