14 Oct 2019

GEO-ENERGY EUROPE met in Paris to continue the efforts on the internationalization strategy

GEO-ENERGY EUROPE metacluster partners met in Paris at their last periodic meeting on 7 and 8 October. The consortium is working on its internationalisation strategy, as well as on a possible second phase for the project.

The meeting began with presentations by several members of GEODEEP, the host partner, who explained their different activities in the field of geothermal energy carried out in their entities. During the metacluster meeting, the partners discussed the details for next month meeting in Izmir (Turkey), where the metacluster partners (POLE AVENIA, GEODEEP, EGEC, GEOPLAT, CAPES, GeoEnergy Celle and GI) will meet again accompanied by member companies, within the framework of the IGC-Turkey 2019 international geothermal congress. The possibility of preparing an international mission in one of the countries identified as interesting by the metacluster, prior to the conclusion of the project, was also raised. The main objective of the project is the creation of a transnational cluster dedicated to improving the competitiveness of European SMEs, related to the use of the subsoil to obtain geothermal energy, in transnational (within the European Union) and international markets. In addition, the possibility of participating in a second phase of the project was discussed, focused on internationalising the metacluster and creating collaborative relations with third countries outside Europe.

The consortium also had the opportunity to visit the district heating of the cities of Arcueil and Gentilly on the outskirts of Paris. The ARGéO project, led by Engie, involves sinking a well into the Dogger aquifer, in the Paris basin. The project features a 65% geothermal energy mix. The 48-MW facility, connected to a 13-km heating network, is designed to supply heat and hot water to 10,000 homes equivalent while reducing CO₂ emissions by 14,600 tonnes a year. The system has been in operation since the end of 2015.