04 Jun 2021

More than 100 people participated in the PIXIL workshop “From science to practice: experiences in the use of geophysical methods to characterise geothermal anomalies”

On Wednesday 26 May 2021 took place the PIXIL workshop “From science to praxis: experiences in the use of geophysical methods to characterise geothermal anomalies”, which was organised within the framework of the project by the University of Barcelona, the Barcelona Supercomputing CenterGeoplatPôle Avenia and Real Time Seismic.

The workshop focused on recent advances in geophysical inversion and modelling and also presented practical experiences using geophysical methods to characterise geothermal environments. In total, twelve speakers from different countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and Portugal took part.

The content of the event was structured in different parts: first, the welcoming session was conducted by Pilar Queralt from the University of Barcelona, who presented the PIXIL project and highlighted its work in the development of tools to foster the uptake of geothermal energy.

The first part was followed by ten fifteen-minute presentations by Adele Manzella from CNR-IGGSophie Hautot from IMAGIRAlexandre Stopin from BRGMStijn Bos from HITA and Jean-Claude Puech from Real Time SeismicStephen Hallinan from CGG, Celestino García-Noceda from IGMEJuan Klimowitz from GESSALLeonardo Azevedo from  CERENA Instituto Superior Técnico, Sean Goodman from SEEQUENT and Gemma Mitjanas from the University of Barcelona.

Finally, Laura del Val and Juanjo Ledo, from the University of Barcelona, moderated a round table with all the previous speakers in which they discussed, among others, the needs of the geothermal sector in terms of geophysical exploration and the use of investment codes.

The video of the workshop with its original audio is featured below:

In addition, you can also read the speakers’ presentations:

Pilar Queralt (UB) – Welcoming

Adele Manzella (CNR-IGG) – Geophysical data for geothermal resource characterization in the various phases of geothermal development and operation; case studies from Italy and continental Europe

Sophie Hautot (IMAGIR)- 3D MT imaging for conventional and unconventional geothermal exploration

Alexandre Stopin (BRGM) – Integration of geophysical methods in geothermal characterization

Stijn Bos (HITA) & Jean-Claude Puech (RTS) – Light equipment seismic: will the new technology shake the geothermal industry?

Stephen Hallinan (CGG) – Imaging geothermal resource structure with 3D multiphysics and seismic

Celestino García-Noceda (IGME) – IGME’s geothermal research using geophysical methods. Relevant examples

Juan Klimowitz Pícola (GESSAL) – Experiences on the Application of Geophysical Information from Hydrocarbon Research to the Investigation of Deep Geothermal Resources in Spain

Leonardo Azevedo (CERENA / Instituto Superior Técnico) – Geostatistical geophysical inversion for geothermal modelling

Sean Goodman (SEEQUENT) – An integrated approach to applied geophysical techniques to aid geothermal exploration: a suite of global case studies

Gemma Mitjanas (UB) –  Integrating seismic ambient noise, magnetotellurics and gravity for characterizing a geothermal anomaly

Pilar Queralt (UB) – Wrap up and closing remarks