06 Mar 2024

Soziable interview with Margarita de Gregorio on the role of geothermal energy in decarbonisation

Margarita de Gregorio, secretary general of GEOPLAT, analyses in an interview for Soziable the possibilities of geothermal energy and the role it can play in the coming years in the energy transition.

She points out that geothermal energy “has the capacity to decarbonise both by providing thermal energy in the form of heat and cold, as well as electrical energy. With the particularity that the generation of energy from geothermal energy can be carried out at any time as it does not depend on weather conditions like other renewable energies, which makes it tremendously valuable for guaranteeing a constant energy supply, which is precisely the weak point of most renewable energies”.

De Gregorio argued that “companies in the energy sector must be aware of their existence, look beyond the ‘classic’ renewable technologies and understand that only with them it will not be possible to successfully carry out the energy transition”.

Regarding the role that geothermal energy will play in the future, she believes that “there is political commitment and private momentum to achieve greater development of geothermal energy both in Spain and in the European Union, and the next decade looks promising for the acceleration of its growth”.

Full interview in Soziable.