11 Nov 2015

District and heating census in Spain 2015 (2014 data)

The Spanish District Heating and Cooling Association (ADHAC) has ellaborated the DHC census of Spain. There are 247 grids (3 of them geothermal), 45 more than in 2014, with a total installed potential of 1,139 MW. Download the documents licking on the following links: Census district and heating in Spain 2015. Presentaton of the study made by ADHAC about the Economic Effects of DHC in...

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21 May 2015

GEOPLAT, six years boosting the Spanish geothermal sector

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GEOPLAT gathers in a yearbook its most remarkable actuations from 2014 GEOPLAT, the Spanish Geothermal Technology Platform, was founded in 2009 by all the stakeholders of the geothermal energy sector in Spain. Since then, the more than 200 entities which form GEOPLAT, most of them SMEs, have worked together in the elaboration of position docuemnts that point out the key milestones and the strategic actions...

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24 Apr 2015

Global gathering celebrates the continuing success story of global growth in both geothermal power generation and heat production

The largest gathering of the global geothermal community, the World Geothermal Congress 2015, highlights the sector’s continuing growth and its important contribution to the movement towards a sustainable energy future. Delegates heard that Europe has huge potential for both power and heat, is the birthplace of the technology, and is still one of the world leaders in terms of expertise. In spite of this, the...

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