10 May 2013

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the RHC-Platform

Agenda Estratégica de Investigación e Innovación de la Plataforma Tecnológica Europea de Climatización Renovable (RHC-Platform)

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (RHC-Platform) The RHC-Platform’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (RHC-SRIA) was launched at the Annual RHC-Platform conference. GEOPLAT is part of this platform since the beginning and is the President of the Geothermal Panel. Thereby, GEOPLAT has participated in the elaboration of several documents within the RHC-Platform: Common Vision, Strategic Research Priorities for Geothermal Technology and Strategic Research Priorities for Cross-cutting Technology. After creating the...

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02 Apr 2013

The Heat Coalition calls for a comprehensive European approach for heating and cooling

European Heating and Cooling Associations

“The debate must include heating and cooling ” urged the Heat Coalition as the Green Paper A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies was published on 27th March 2013. Shall we remember that last year they already claimed for a more ambitious European heating and cooling policy. According to the Heat Coalition, a platform gathering 11 European associations with a stake in the heating...

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