17 May 2013

Energetic patents in Spain

On 25 April we celebrated the first workshop between the Spanish Technology Platforms of the energy sector: “Capacities and Strengths of Spanish Companies: success cases of patented echnological developments”. For those who could not attend, presentations are available in this link. We learnt about successful experiences from different renewable technologies (fotoboltaic solar, concentration solar, hydrogen, ocean and bioenergy) and how from an idea -created, for example, in...

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10 May 2013

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the RHC-Platform

Agenda Estratégica de Investigación e Innovación de la Plataforma Tecnológica Europea de Climatización Renovable (RHC-Platform)

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (RHC-Platform) The RHC-Platform’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (RHC-SRIA) was launched at the Annual RHC-Platform conference. GEOPLAT is part of this platform since the beginning and is the President of the Geothermal Panel. Thereby, GEOPLAT has participated in the elaboration of several documents within the RHC-Platform: Common Vision, Strategic Research Priorities for Geothermal Technology and Strategic Research Priorities for Cross-cutting Technology. After creating the...

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02 Apr 2013

The Heat Coalition calls for a comprehensive European approach for heating and cooling

European Heating and Cooling Associations

“The debate must include heating and cooling ” urged the Heat Coalition as the Green Paper A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies was published on 27th March 2013. Shall we remember that last year they already claimed for a more ambitious European heating and cooling policy. According to the Heat Coalition, a platform gathering 11 European associations with a stake in the heating...

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21 Mar 2013

What have we done in GEOPLAT in 2012?

Anuario GEOPLAT 2012

For all of you who wonder what does a “Technology Platform” work in, we are going to show you today all the activities that have been made within GEOPLAT during 2012 to accomplish our goals. We would like to remember you that GEOPLAT specific objectives are: To provide a framework within which, all sectors involved in the development of geothermal energy, lead by the industry,...

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13 Mar 2013

The financiation of the innovation of the companies in 2010 + Bibliometric indicators of the Spanish scientific activity in 2010

The Spanish Observatory of R&D&I of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) has recently published  in its web ICONO two new reports. Below is a summary of their most important conclusions. “PITEC 2010: The financiation of the innovation of the companies” In the recesive phase (2008-2010), the companies with R&D expenditure have had less job destruction than the economy as a whole. The...

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11 Jan 2013

Hungarian EGS Demonstration project awarded NER300 funding

The European Commission published a draft decision awarding NER300 funds to the Geothermal South Hungarian Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) Demonstration Project. The Hungarian project is one of the 23 innovative renewable energy technology projects funded according to the outcome of the first call for proposals under the NER300 programme. The funds were raised from the sale of 200 million allowances from the new entrants’ reserve (NER) of the EU Emissions...

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12 Dec 2012

European Technology Platforms (ETPs) are key to boosting the European Union “industrial policy”.

The European Technology Platforms (ETPs) are already an existing powerful tool and they could be the concrete solution for innovation and deployment of the industrial policy. ETPs have been active in implementation of the FP 7 for R&I of  the EU.and are now providing information and proposals to the ongoing work for the establishment of Horizon 2020 to bring it into line with the real...

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10 Aug 2012

Igniting the Ring of Fire: A Vision for Developing Indonesia’s Geothermal Power

Igniting the Ring of Fire: A Vision for Developing Indonesia’s Geothermal Power

WWF’s Geothermal Ring of Fire program has an ambition to shift towards the use of renewable energy, particularly in the sustainable production and use of geothermal energy, in Indonesia and the Phillipines by 2015, as a catalyst for the economy, community empowerment, biodiversity conservation and reduce greenhouse emmissions. This report presents Indonesia’s challenges and opportunities to be the leader in developing sustainable geothermal options. WWF commits to...

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